One of the first acts of the Board of Trustees was to form a Rules & Byelaws Committee, with Zaffar A. Khan as its Chairman. The committee was responsible for drafting the Rules & Byelaws of the Publican Alumni Trust (PAT) and submitting it to the Board for review and approval.  The committee held a number of meetings and the first draft of the rules & byelaws was circulated to the members of the Board of Trustees.

After detailed discussion the rules were approved by the Board in its meeting April 27, 2009 and the first version of the Rules were published. You can view the original rules by viewing the news dated April 27, 2009.

The rules have been subsequently updated by the Board as required and the latest rules approved by the Board as of February 2, 2012 can be viewed by  Clicking Here.

The rules continue to be updated as and when required by the Board and the latest rules approved by the Board as of June 4, 2016 can be viewed by  Clicking Here.

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Dear PAT Supporter

I am writing to express my personal gratitude for your support to The Publican Alumni Trust (PAT) over the years. Your belief in the cause of education has made all the difference in the lives of children from less privileged community who would otherwise may have never seen the inside of a classroom.

I am also very pleased to share that with countless blessings of Allah and your support; the facilities of The Publican School have been upgraded to cater for students from Class 1 to Matriculation.  Besides renovation of the current school building this necessitated construction of an additional floor to accommodate additional classrooms, laboratories and library.  The current student strength stands at over 400 and the student registration is expected to grow in coming years.  Now, more than ever, we need your financial support for the following:


As we approach the month of sharing and generosity, let us renew our promise today … to the children studying in The Publican School … and to the many more who are languishing in failing schools or are left wandering aimlessly on the streets. Let us vow that we will not look away or leave them behind … that we will give them what they need and deserve …. a reason to hope for a better tomorrow. Your Zakat and donations can help them change their lives and give them reason to dream!

Please give your Zakat & Donations generously by making a crossed cheque in favour of “Publican Alumni Trust” and sending it to:


The Publican School

C‐172, Sector 35‐A, Zaman Town Korangi No: 4Karachi.


Or make a direct deposit in the PAT Account at:


Account Title:        Publican Alumni Trust

Account No:          0000 4116 5050 1568

IBAN:                     PK15 ASCM 0000 4116 5050 1568


Bank Name:          Askari Bank

Bank Address:      Bahadurabad Branch Zeenat Terrace, 265, Block‐3

Bahadur Yar Jang Society Karachi.


I wish you a blessed month of Ramadan


Chairman and Members Board Of Trustees