Asif Latif Burero

Asif Latif Burero


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I left School in 2005 before spending two years at the Degree College Sukkur following which I joined Dawood University. Four years later, I was told by the DUET people I am a Electronics Engineer. I would later get some reassurance from the US as well alongside a degree that read “MS in Electronics Engineering”. I have been in touch with most of my school and university mates and would prefer to zoom in on a platform from where we can wish to do Pakistan some good. I have been working at Engro Eximp Agriproducts where the Project Engineering people found me so likeable, that they just did not allow me to quit Project Management for the present & future years. I must add that I have enjoyed every bit of it. Quite understandably, the travails I have been through have prevented me from embracing Facebook technology – there are bright signs though that things are bound to change.


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