Aims & Objective

Aims & Objective

The Publican Alumni Trust has been created with the fundamental purpose and aim to mobilize Publicans across the world to support the cause of education in Pakistan in it’s most comprehensive and qualitative sense. This entails any or all of the following activities:

  1. Financial support to deserving and/or disadvantaged students
  2. Establishing education infrastructure and research
  3. Capacity building of teachers
  4. Promoting extra curricular activities associated with education
  5. Social welfare of the staff of schools covered by trust deed
  6. Any other education related activity

Shape a future

Shape a future is the ultimate bundle to help children live and learn. We support to them the freedom to define our strategic priorities and values.
Contribute on my charity work by your donation. Thanks for your heart.
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                                 PUBLIC SCHOOL, KARACHI CANTT




Dear Publicans,

It is get together time once again and we are happy to extend a very warm invitation to you and your family members to join us at the ANNUAL REUNION of the former students of PUBLIC School and MINWALA GIRLS PUBLIC SCHOOL Karachi Cantt.


Venue:                                                 DA Club, Central Avenue,Phase 2, DHA                                                                      Karachi

Date:                                                   January 4th, 2020

Get Together/Social Hour              07:00 PM

AGM                                                   07:30 PM

Annual Reunion                               08:00 PM

Dinner                                                 08:30 PM

Musical Evening                               09: 30 PM


Kindly obtain your entry cards against a payment of Rs. 1500.00 per person as soon as possible so as to enable organisers to make arrangements accordingly.

The entry cards can be obtained as follows:

  1. By calling Mr Hayat Tele.No. 02134319000 and giving the following info:
  2. Name Class of                     c. Number of cards required
  3. Address for delivery.         e. Cell No./Tele No.
  4. email address                     g. CNIC No.

The requested cards will be delivered by courier against cash payment.

  1. Obtain directly against cash payment from reception DA Club Central Avenue Phase 2, DHA, between 09.00 AM till 06.00 PM.