Tanveer Rasheed

Tanveer Rasheed


Summary Profile

I was in Cantt public School from 1975 to 1982, section was XD very close to the canteen and the Volley ball court, presently i am based here in Toronto Canada and work as a whole sale buyer for a distribution company in US.


Misc. Information

Some of my class mates i am still in touch with are Akbar Hussein Shah, Wasim Kureishi, Mohd Samie, Misbah, Khurram Danyal, Naveed Rasheed , Faisal Akhtar and Arslan Qadeer. I can say very proudly what ever we acheived we owe to our teachers who gave us the early education at Cantt Public school and made our foundation.


Email: tanvir01@hotmail.com

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