Riazur Rahman Khan (now Riaz Khan)

Riazur Rahman Khan (now Riaz Khan)


Summary Profile

After finishing my matriculation in 1966 from Cant Public, went to Habib Public & completed my F.SC in 69 and in 1970 went to US. Did my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from University of Miami in 1973. Did another Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Florida International University in 1975. Came back to Pakistan and worked in Philips Pakistan as Marketing Manager. Went back to US to complete my Masters degree in International Marketing from University of Houston in 1991. Worked in US & other countries of the world. Came for short spells to Pakistan and worked all together for about 9 years in Pakistan and went back to US. Finally came back in 2004 when GOP offered me a position to revamp Export Promotion Bureau into TDAP in order to equip it to meet the growing challenges of 21st century and since then working in TDAP as Executive Director Marketing.


Misc. Information

During my stay in US & other countries, I taught on honorary basis to MBA students international marketing & found the experience very full filling. Also involved in the Republicans Party activities.


Email: khan0427@msn.com

Website: Not Available

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