Asifa Rahman (now Asefa Qayyum)

Asifa Rahman (now Asefa Qayyum)


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I was class of 63 for Matric. It was a wonderful time I spent from 1959 – 63 and I continue to cherish the memories of our school days. Truly it was inspiring beyound belief. The devotion of teachers and our Principle and the structure and actiivities of the school at the time was extremely good. It lay down the principles and and gave me guidance during my formative years which I still cherish.

I used to be in Iqbal House and was very active in school activities specially for connected with Iqbal House. I came to learn about Iqbal the great philosopher and was tremendously inspired by him. I use to lead the school prayers daily with Rukhsana Ilyas. Many Publicans will remember that no doubt!

I was also a prefect and later leader prefect. The duties of taking responsibility and discipline which it taught me still holds good. There is so much to share about the school even now. Everytime I visit Karachi my old school friends have always welcomed me and have get togethers for me which I am deeply touched by and grateful. Javed Jabbar was my neighbour and also school friend who will be able to tell you more about me and my brother Fazal who was also in the same class. Shahid Akter, Wasim Ghani,Ashraf Saeed, Talat Laljee, Zeba Raza, Rukhsana Ilyas, Kamran Rashid and Farida Rashid, Late Khalid Sattar and Ijlaal Ghani etc etc were all class friends to name but a few.

I left school and went back to East Pakistan from where I completed the rest of my education upto Masters from Dhaka University.

I got married and came to England in 1972 where I reside presently.


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