Ahmad Iqbal Mirza

Ahmad Iqbal Mirza


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I was admitted in class prep-B in 1974,and passed my ssc part 2 in 1984.We had Federal Board at that time.I graduated from Dow Medical and did my MBBS,Member ship exam from CPSP.Did fellowship training in Rheumatology,By the grace of God Almighty received international awards and scholarship in Rheumatology.Practising at The Aga Khan Hospital and The Medilink consultant clinic 2 Talwar Clifton.


Misc. Information

I am extremely thankfull to all my teachers in those years who helped me and gave me confidense.The list is infinite,my friends wo are still very dear to me,Ashar,Tauqir,Mujahid,Burhan,Pushkala,Usman,and many more,please keep in touch


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