The Glue That Binds ……… Is Now In A New Bottle – Comments by Old Publicans

March 30, 2012

Dear Old Publicans,

Thank You for your emails and kind words about the Old Publicans website in response to my email and news titled “The Glue That Binds ……… Is Now In A New Bottle”.

I am reproducing the emails that I have received over the last few days (in chronological sequence).

The Old Publicans website is a labor of love for our beloved school, and with your continued support and cooperation, I will keep it operational.

With kind regards.
Old Publicans
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Email from Khalid Zaki (Class of 1964)

Thanks Ashraf for your continued support of the old Publicans cause.

Excellent work.


Email from Mumtaz Ahmad Siddiqui (Class of 1972)

Thank you Admin, for this sincere effort and keeping us old publicans together not only locally but globally.


Email from Syed Ayaz Mahmood (Class of 1974)

Dear Administrator,

I have gone through the newly developed website and found it infinitely better than the previous one. A lot of updation is of course required for which all publicans can contribute by sharing information and pictures etc. It is a wonderful effort for which we all should thank Mr. Kapadia.

Syed Ayaz Mahmood

Email from Masood Alam (Class of 1964)

Dear Kapadia, Assalamoalykum

It was nice to receive your email. Other wise I thought that there was some problem in your address as my recent mail to you was not delivered and was bounced back. Any how it is heartening to know that your address is again working.

We all publicans are grateful to your efforts and highly appreciate your hard work and efforts. Bottle and glue may be new but the performing task is same old one.Please keep up the good work


Lt Col Masood Alam (retd)

Email from Asad Siddiqui (Class of 1985)

Thank you very much for this great website.


Asad Siddiqui

Email from Shahid Mehmood Khan (Class of 1966)

Dear Ashraf

Great work;

A huge and massive effort. I have seen the website and will send you comments right away…and subsequently any after thoughts later.

Thank you.

I heard of the book binders, but have seen very few human binders like your good self. Thanks for your personalised information


Email from Sohail Hameed Khan (Class of 1964)

Dear Ashraf,
Salam alaykum.

Your contribution to the Old Publicans alumni is priceless and has brought enormous value to all of us – without the wonderful website, the idea of the alumni would not have “clicked” – the website made the difference.

I don’t know if I shared this with you – A. F. Ferguson & Co. have also tried to create an alumni, though the association with AFF is relatively more recent AND, offers greater benefits it terms of bringing professionals of the same fraternity together, it has not taken off.

Thank you very much for what you have given to the Old Publicans!!

With best wishes
Sohail Hameed Khan

Email from Aamir Majeed (Class of 1967)

Thank YOU for your diligence.
You have been awesome through and through.

Best Regards
Aamir Majeed

Email from Asher Saeed Alam (Class of 1982)

Thanks Sir You are doing a v commendable job.


Email from Mirza Naseeruddin (Class of 1969)

Dear Ashraf, just in from our annual conference. A belated thanks here.
But I was one of the first few one’s last night to log on into the new design website when I saw the FB update.
A tremendous job well done by the erstwhile “8in1 team”.
Now let’s drink to the & from the “new bottle”, be it glue or come what may:)


Email from Syed Rafay Zahoori (Class of 1974)

my dearest administrator,

i would like to thank you very much for redesigning the old publicans website,,,,,,in this regard ,i would like to :tell you that you can feel free to ask me for anythimg you might need,it wold be my honor & pleasure to help the great school of old publicans……..& its website.have a great day ,month & the coming years,,,,,,,,once again i would like to thank you & tell you that i really really appreciate what you have done its a big thing & not everyone could have done it,,,,

with best regards,,,,,,

always yours.
syed rafay zahoori

Email from Tabassum Qureshi (Class of 1974)

Thanks ,will visit the website soon and comment.


Email from Ahmar J. Iqbal (Class of 1979)

You have done a great job in bringing publicans together. It is the result of dedication and hard work that you have put in.


Email from Shahid Mehmood Khan (Class of 1966)

My Dear Ashraf,
Sorry for the delay due to electricity outage. I have a few suggestions if they appeal to you for you know best. It is an excellent herculian effort since 2008…MashaAllah! I like the glue that binds caption…may I suggest to replace the bottle since it gives an impression of confinement whereas your beautifully convenient new web design and layout does not confine…in fact it spreads to far flung corners of the world. I am taking the liberty to suggest a few captions for your scrutiny:

The Glue that Binds…Now Reaches out to you with Conveniences
The Glue that Binds…Is now spread on the horizon
The Glue that Binds…Is clearly visible on the horizon
The Glue that Binds…Is now conveniently visible on the horizon
The Glue that Binds…Stands visible with conveniences
You may have other variations. You are the best judge to decide.

Best Regards,

Email from Naqueb ur Rahman (Class of 1969)

Great Job! Kudos to you for making sure there is a constant supply of this glue!

If there was an ability to zoom in on the pictures on the left of the screen when one goes into the Old Publicans section (names of all Publicans), it would help to see the details and faces in the pictures.

Thank You,
Naqueb Rahman

Email from Sohail Mirza (Class of 1973)

Dear Sir

The new website can be opened without any issues on:
– Microsoft System (browser)
– Safari (Mac)

Thanks for your efforts.

with best regards
mit freundlichen Grüssen

Sohail Mirza

Email from Arif R. Alvi (Class of 1964)

Dear Adminstrator,

I must thank you for your excellent voluntary work you have done for us Publicans.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr Arif Alvi

Email from Shahid Karimullah (Class of 1963)

Dear Ashraf

Assalam Alaikum

I am late in replying because I took my time to go through the new website. I was absolutely impressed and bowled over by the layout and the convenience to operate. I on behalf of all Publicans thank you with all sincerity for taking the pains and the herculean efforts for redesigning it. We all are indeed indebted to you for “The glue that binds all publicans.”

Thank You and regards

Shahid Karimullah
Chairman PAT

Email from Tariq Alvi (Class of 1969)

Dear Ashraf,

Congrats on redesigning the website and restrengthening the glue to super glue which will last to our last breath. Thank you very much for your effort to put all of us together.

I find the website design and access very easy and friendly.

God bless you and your family. Long live Ashraf Kapadia!

Best regards.
Tariq Alvi

Email from Najma Husain (Class of 1969)

Dear Ashraf

You derserve great applause for all your efforts for the old publicans website.

With best wishes

Email from Sabiha Parvaiz (Class of 1962)

Dear Ashraf

Assalam o Alaikum
Great work done!
Congratulations . I went through your website it is amazing May God bless you, may you rise to the climax of your profession. You are an asset to us and to the Publicans as well .we are very proud of you!

Best wishes

Sabiha Parvaiz

Email from Syed Anwar Karim (Class of 1964)

My heartiest congratulations on a job well done.
“you have made the difference”
Dr Syed Anwar Karim

Email from Aftab Ahmed Shah (Class of 1969)

Ashraf you are a Genius !


Email from Azhar Ali Khan (Class of 1977)

Congrats for given us new look.

Well, I went to search icon, but when I click Class of 1977, it gives error. I am pasting both screen.

Please recfity it.

Thanks & Regards
Azhar Ali Khan

Email from Mallick Muhamad Nasir Jamal (Class of 1990)

Dear Administrator

The new bottle is very good. I appreciate the effort that has been made in modernising the website.

Nasir Jamal

Email from Aamir Ahmed (Class of 1977)

Dear Ashraf


Thank you, all the best and please keep up the excellent work.


Email from Tariq Azhar Siddiqi (Class of 1973)

Dear Sir,

It makes me feel so proud to say that my devoted school mate is managing our website and doing a magnificent job, we all can’t thank you enough .

This word will not be able to express my true feeling by anyway THANKS and GOD Bless you .

Tariq A Siddiq

Email from Intisar H. Alvi (Class of 1971)

Dear Ashraf

This is really nice. I enjoyed revisiting all the sections. You have again perform an excellent task and I am sure this New bottle will enhance the life and the quality of Glue that Binds all the Publicans. All Publicans must be thankful to you.

Thank you and Best Wishes for you and your family.

Intisar H. Alvi

Email from Jamshed Zia (Class of 1993)


Thank you for your hard work in keeping this website up and running. It looks great on the new software, so great work.

Whilst browsing through the pages and info under “Memories” section, I noticed that there is a admissions register frm 1958 to 1962. Is this the only register available to you or later years could be made available? I am from 1992/1992 hence was looking for the relevant info to recall memories of those years and class fellows. Also, I noticed that the most of the info on the website is highly concentrated for years upto 70s and and early 80s but limited memories/magazines/photos/teachers for laters years, is it because none could be obtained for later years?

Nonetheless, its still a great effort by you.

Jamshed Zia

Email from Shahood Alam (Class of 1986)

Dear Ashraf Kapadia saheb, asSalam Alykum

I am extremely sorry for replying so late. I’ve purposely kept your mail unread till such time I can explore the various dimensions of the new bottle created by you. I always use to quote your earlier efforts with pride to all my friends whenever anyone talks about Alumni of any institution, I present Cantt. Public’s Alumni webpage with much pleasure & pride.

We all are extremely grateful to you for revamping the website in such a user-friendly manner that you haven’t lost any data and yet made the site much easier to navigate. The hanging menu always remains at its position allowing the longer pages to scroll down easily. The menu and sub-menu works comfortably on mouse-over. The home page provides a quick synopsis of the complete web-site keeping the water colored masterpiece by your talented daughter in perspective. Personal details & memorabilia submission is been wonderfully automated to manage your work load; each field described at length under the field’s name so as to have a data validation check on the data being submitted; pictures are not needed to be sent to you via email rather could be browsed and uploaded by the contributors. I haven’t seen any site developed and maintained by an individual that is so well organized (Masha’Allah).

Thank you so very much for giving us such a magnificent gift that would be remembered for all times to come. Jazak’Allah Khair.

Highly indebted,
Shahood Alam, CISA, CDIF

Original Email from Administrator

Dear Old Publican,

You may recall that I launched the Old Publicans website on July 22, 2008 and over time it has become known as “The Glue That Binds”. Now it is time to put this glue into a new bottle and as such I am pleased to announce that “The Glue That Binds ……… Is Now In A New Bottle”.

In other words, the technology that I originally used to design, develop and implement the website is no longer supported, and it had became necessary to migrate the website to newer technology. However, instead of doing a simple migration, I decided to take this opportunity to completely redesign the website.

While the bottle (website design) has changed, the glue (website content) still remains the same and the Old Publicans website still has information on more than 900 Old Publicans, 19 School Magazines, and hundreds of photographs and other memorabilia. You can visit the website using the old familiar URL, which is

I have also added a news item on the website giving details of the new design. You can read this news items by going to the “News & Events” section and clicking on the news dated March 23, 2012 or by simply clicking here.

Please let me know if you face any difficulty in accessing the new Old Publicans website.

I hope that the Old Publicans website will continue to be the glue that binds all of us together, and I look forward to your continued support, as well as, suggestions for improving this website.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of you, as without your support it would not have been possible for me to create, maintain, and operate the Old Publicans website.

With kind regards.
Old Publicans
Cell: +92-333-213.4504 Website:
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by unauthorized personnel is strictly prohibited

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