Publican Alumni Trust – Policy Change

April 23, 2012

Dear PAT Members

1. As you all know the PAT Board has been striving since its inception to sign an MOU with the FG Schools Directorate – GHQ so as to facilitate our activities to enhance education in the 3 successor Schools of the Cantonment Public School Karachi.

2. After many months of hectic efforts we managed to have two meetings at HQ 5Corp. Karachi during the months of Jan/ Feb 2012. During the meetings the attitude was not encouraging and no flexibility of any kind was shown towards PAT. In fact their proposed amendments to our draft wanted PAT to work on their instructions to the extent of controlling the Board. In addition to this a letter from Director FG Govt. Schools was also received dated 29th February 2012 asking PAT to desist, with immediate effect from collecting any donations in the name of any of the 3 Schools. They also issued instructions to Principals of the Schools to return all outstanding scholarships pending with them for distribution.

3. The Board of Trustees in its meeting on 8th March 2012, held a comprehensive discussion on the draft MOU and the letter. Taking into account all relevant factors, the Board concluded that it would not be possible for PAT to sign an MOU with the FG Govt. School Directorate on the terms and conditions proposed by them. The Board also decided that while the historical and emotional bonds of the Alumni with the grounds on which the original Cantonment Public School was located from 1958 to about 1997 were imperishable, and while communication with the FG Schools Directorate for future cooperation would be cordially maintained, PAT would no longer be able to continue its work in the service of the 3 successor schools.

4. At the same time, the Board noted that, because millions of children in Pakistan and tens of thousands of children in Karachi remain without even primary school education, there are several very poor, low- income localities of the city where PAT could quickly make a valuable contribution to providing qualitative education through teachers capacity building workshops, scholarship, creative competitions and activities for students etc. The PAT Board agreed to a resolution for PAT to shift its focus to further the cause of education from FG Schools to other deserving Schools to be selected later. It was decided that before proceeding further, all members of PAT will be taken on board to obtain their consent.

5. Through this letter, all PAT members are being requested to kindly convey their endorsement to the following decisions of the Board.
a. PAT diverts its efforts to other deserving schools in Karachi other than FG Govt. Schools.
b. Those who have donated so generously in the past for this noble cause may kindly permit their donations to be used for other deserving Schools.
c. Minor amendments to the Trust deed may be incorporated due above changes.

6. It is requested that any PAT member who has an observation / suggestion/recommendation may kindly forward the same by email to undersigned by 5th May 2012. If no response is received by the above date it will be assumed that the recommendations of the Board have your valued support.

Thanking you.

With best wishes.

Shahid Karimullah
Chairman PAT

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