3rd PAT Annual General Meeting Scheduled for December 14, 2012

December 10, 2012

Dear Publicans Alumni Trust (PAT) Members,

The 3rd PAT AGM is scheduled to be held on Friday December 14th 2012 at 6 pm at the Services Mess (formerly Services Club) opposite Hotel Metropole.

All Members and Associate members are cordially invited to attend the AGM meeting which will be followed by refreshments. Members who are planning to attend the AGM are requested to confirm their attendance to by phone or by mail to Mr. Shahid Kaleem ( Mob: 0345-26666770 email: shahidkaleem9@gmail.com).

Confirmation from members will enable us to plan for the seating and refreshments.


Khalid Zaki
Secretary PAT

Agenda for PAT AGM on December 14, 2012

Meeting commences at 6 pm

Tilawat –e-Quran
Welcome address by Shahid Karimullah Chairperson PAT
Report by Khalid Zaki Secretary PAT
Annual Financial Report by Jalil ZuberiTreasurer
Question & Answer Session
Closing remarks by Founder Chairman Javed Jabbar
Light refreshment for meeting participants

All PAT members are invited to attend the meeting at Services Club (opposite Hotel Metropole).
Non members eligible for PAT membership may attend as observers.
Parking space available inside club.
Invitation Cards for PAT Reunion-2013 planned for January 03, 2013 will be available for sale at Rs. 500/- Per person.

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